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Mother of Invention Acting School

Mother of Invention Acting School

by Ron


These CA acting classes are taught by a Yale School of Drama graduate from the M.F.A. Director program, Andrew Utter. Actors work with the Stanislavski method taught at Yale. Actors sign up for 10 weeks at a time (classes last 3 hours). The school also offers advanced workshops for those who have studied at the school before, as well as coaching and classes in San Francisco.

Performance Opportunities: Students present their scenes to friends and family during the last class.

Tuition Fee: $380 for 10 classes. Last three sessions are paid in advance ($114), then pay-as-you-go.

What you’ll need to apply: There is no formal interview but prospective students should meet the teacher to find out more about the class and its workings.

Mother of Invention Acting School

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