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The Michael Shurtleff Audition Technique

Here you’ll find information on Michael Shurtleff’s acting technique and the 12 guideposts outlined in his acting method that can be very useful when preparing for auditions.

1) What are the 12 guideposts?

Shurtleff’s 12 guideposts are a great tool for analyzing a scene. The actor learns methods to uncover the relationships, conflicts, humor and opposites in a scene, create “the moment before”, how to make “discoveries” in the moment and more.

2) What can you expect?

Although you will explore the guideposts through some acting exercises and improvisation, you can expect your acting training to include a lot of scene work.

3) Sample Shurtleff Exercise

Pick a scene you’re having problems with and explore the relationships from an emotional perspective. Do you love or hate this person? How much? What is it about them you love? If you didn’t love them, how would you act differently? Ask yourself a series of “feeling” questions to try to uncover the true nature of the relationship in the scene.

4) Is this acting technique for you?

This is a great acting method for those who want to have a systematic approach to scene study, as well as for preparing acting audition scenes and cold readings.

The must-have Shurtleff book
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