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I want to be an actor, i need some help

by Gabriel

(Ixtlán del Rio, Nayarit, Mexico)


Hi there, my name is Gabriel, and i am from Mexico, recently i`ve thinking very much about being an actor, I`m 22 years old,i spent the past three years studying Graphic Design and to be honest i suck at this profession, so recently i was inspired by the gifted and great actor, and musician Darren Criss, so i decided: Why not try to be an actor? He is a big example of perseverance in pursuing your dreams, and i dreamed to be a great actor, not for the fame or the money, it was my dream like forever, and i feel very frustrated with my design career, so this is for my personal satisfaction and happiness. I know this is a saturated industry, but if you can guide me in this kind of dilemma, i spent the last few days thinking very seriously about it,and i am very excited. I know this is not like the movies, where everything comes up to you like magic, this is a path of hard work and perseverance, so i just need to know how can i be a great actor, because i really want to walk this way, do you think there is still hope for me in the industry? My friends and some part of my family are cheering me for this (the other part is sort of really negative people, and every time i listen to them, I end up crying). I will be really grateful if you can answer me and help me in this dilemma. I really appreciate this, so thank you so much for your help…!!!


I’m not sure how I can help. It seems that you already know how competitive acting is and you still want to do it, so just follow the steps outlined on this page (getting trained, getting headshots and resume, an agent, etc.) Of course, this is how it works in America. Things may be a little different in Mexico, although I imagine the general casting process is the same. I’ll just post your question and maybe some other actors will comment with advice and encouragements of their own. Check our Facebook page too. Just remember, only you can make such a big decision, so ask yourself if you would still want to act even if things didn’t work out the way you wanted and you ended up struggling for many years as a performer. Good luck.

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