Acting Auditions Questions

how to locate acting roles

by Charles Schneider

(Northern WI)


I would like to know if their is a resource center that will allow me to browse different acting roles. Or is their a search engine that will allow me to insert the parameters of the type of acting job I am looking for? I would like to insert my criteria, and locate a job that fits me. Hope you can help. Chuck

ANSWER: has listings for acting jobs in major US cities/regions and Canada. In Los Angeles and New York, Casting Networks also has listings, especially for commercials. Both sites are free if you have an agent (actually, Actors Access is free either way, except to submit electronically). You may also want to check out Backstage – The Actor’s Resource. I wouldn’t recommend looking for acting jobs on search engines directly, as a lot of scams may pop up.

Hope this helps.

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