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Foreign student wants to be a movie actress in America

QUESTION: I am from a non-speaking English country. I am currently studying acting in university in England. I really want to become a movie actress but I have no idea how I can become a movie actress after graduation. I know my teachers won`t help me(it`s not a drama school). I was thinking to learn american accent first and after move to America and make my dreams come true there but I think that might be complicated because I know you have to get a Visa to work in America and it`s not easy. I am confused and I don`t no who to talk to get help and advice. Can you please help me?

Do you think it`s better to stay in England and learn first British accent and start my career there? I don`t have a British or American accent so I have to learn that. I read that it`s best to start in your own country but in my country they don`t have lots of auditions for public, they only have for famous actors. I think I have more chances in England but the accent is a problem and it will take years to learn British accent and here in England they are only looking for British accents for their movies. I find it easier to learn American accent and I am actually more interested to learn American accent than British. Can you please help me? I don`t no what to do after graduation. I know I want to become a movie actress in Hollywood but I have no idea how to get there. I guess I have to first learn the accent and then go for auditions? what do you think? Hope you can help me 🙂


I can’t say much more than what I already said to other foreign actors. It’s very hard to make it in America if you can’t have a perfect American accent. You may get small roles, but you’ll be typecast and it will be hard to build a real career with a range of roles that become larger and more interesting. When casting directors need to fill a lead role with a foreign actress, they usually go to famous actresses in the actual country, rather than cast from aspiring actresses in America. They are the “bankable” talents.

If you already live in England, why not work on picking up the accent there and join a good drama school where you will get opportunities to grow a resume and make contacts? As you mentioned, getting a visa to work in America is difficult so why not start where you’re at and take it from there. As always, this is just one point of view. Get many before you make such an important decision. Hope this helps.

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