Acting Questions

Bad at acting

by Deborah J Oh

(Duluth Ga United States)


If you are bad at acting can you still try to act?

PS. Is this really free?


It depends who says you’re bad at acting…

If you believe that, then it will be hard to make it in acting with no self-confidence. But if you’ve never gone to acting school, then you haven’t really tried and there’s no way to tell if you would be good or not. I think anyone who really wants to act can develop a technique good enough to work as an actor. It may take a lot of work, dedication and sacrifices, though, so rather than wondering if you’re good at acting or not, a better question may be, “how passionate am I to have a career as an actor?”

If other people are telling you you can’t act, I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s plenty of stories out there of famous actors who were told by one person or another they would never make it. Everybody has their own opinion about who has talent and who doesn’t. Again, I think what matters is your drive.

This is just my opinion. Yes, it’s free, but don’t just ask me. Talk to acting teachers, people in the business and other actors and see what they think. Most importantly, decide how much you want to work to become an accomplished actor.

Good luck.

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