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Actor real age or playing age most important

by Emma


Is the real age or the playing age of a person most important for casting directors? What if you are 25 years old but look like a 16 year old and you want to audition for a part to play a 16 year old girl? Do I get a chance to audition or will the casting directors think I am too old for the part so they won´t even give me a chance to audition? I think the playing age and the talent are most important. I mean what if you look like a 16 year old and I Think it`s ridiculous if the real age will stop someone to get a role. This has not happened to me but I would like to know what casting directors are looking most for the playing age or the real age? 🙂


In the US, your age (or even your age range) should not appear on your resume when you submit, so the casting director decides to call you in for an audition based on your headshot. If you look like your headshot and they call you in, it means they think you look the right age for the part, so your real age doesn’t matter. If they think you look too old for the part after calling you in, then maybe it’s time to get new acting pictures. So you’re right, the “playing age” or age range it what matters, and the casting director will decide what your age range is based on your picture. Good luck!

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