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Im a high school senior and would love to become an actress one day, however, i know it’s a very risky career. Since it is not a stable job, i have planned to graduate from college and get a stable job while attempting to pursue an acting career. I was wondering if this is a good idea or if it’s doable since acting required time commitment. Do you think its possible to have a stable job to make a living and pursue my acting dream aside my job and as a hobby, until i get a major role in a movie and then will choose between the two careers? Is this even possible or do i have to be fully committed to acting? can i do acting as a side (or a second job) while maintaining a stable career to live off of?
Thank you. And also, i know many people have said this and you have told them that its possible, but do you truly believe that its possible to have a breakout role or become a known actress in late 20s or 30s?? with all honesty.. 🙂


Acting as a hobby while having a regular job is not a problem. You can take evening classes, go to short film or student film weekend auditions and perform as well as rehearse at night in small non-union theaters.

Building a career as an actor on the other hand is difficult if you work a traditional 9-5 job. Most auditions for paying jobs, films and commercials are during regular business hours, and there’s often little time to schedule ahead, especially for callbacks. Agents will hesitate to represent you if you can’t be available for auditions and the whole thing can get pretty stressful for you. The ideal situation is to find a completely flexible job that allows you to make your own schedule on a moment’s notice. That’s not easy, although not impossible.

Yes, it’s easier to make it when you’re very young, but I think you can have a breakout role at any age, especially if you’re ready when the opportunity comes. Maybe that means always training and acting as a hobby until the day you can commit to it full time if you still want to.

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