Acting Questions

A 9 to 5 actor

by Marcus Moore


What would you advise is the best way to balance working a Mon-Fri 9 to 5, while also successfully beginning an acting career,preferably in tv/film?


The acting training is not a problem. There are plenty of evening classes for actors, from 6-9 pm, for example. The problem are the auditions. At the beginning, if you’re just auditioning for small non-union theater and student films, some auditions can be in the evening or weeekends, but all the professional castings for adults are weekdays, 9-5 mostly.

So ideally, you want a job that is flexible, not just for auditions but so you can actually take that acting job when you get it. In the beginning, auditions may be rare, so it’s a good time to start creating some flexibility in your schedule. Depending on what you do, you may be able to train a colleague to fill in for you or start exploring ways to work from home. It really depends on your current job. Be creative, you’ll find a way.Good luck!

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