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Where Do I Get the Script for Acting Tryouts?

by Mary



Do I get the script at the auditions?


If the audition is a cold reading, then you’ll get your lines (also known as sides) when you arrive at the audition. You’ll usually have at least 10 minutes to prepare.

Most auditions are not cold readings. Your agent or the casting director of the project you’re auditioning for will usually e-mail or fax your sides to you before the audition (sometimes several days in advance, sometimes the night before). Often, actors get a code to download the sides for their upcoming auditions from a script website like Showfax.

If you’re not sure where to get the lines you’ll be reading from, ask your agent or the casting director in charge before your audition. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to work on the script in advance. If it turns out you won’t get the lines until you show up for your audition, check out these cold reading audition tips.

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