Character Development

What Type of Actress Am I

by Geraldine

(Pittsburgh, PA)


What type am I if I am in my 40s and very young looking (early 20s) and get carded,
5′ and 100 lbs
mixed Asian,
dark hair,
dark greenish eyes
olive complexion
hourglass figure,
feminine voice.

What type am I, what roles should I target?

And how good are my chances of making it?

Thank you so much.


If you really look like you’re in your twenties, then that’s your age range. If your voice sounds older, maybe your age range is more 30s.

Your type doesn’t just have to do with your looks, it has a lot to do with your personality and charisma. What kind of energy to you bring to a room when you walk in? That will help you find your type and how to best market yourself at the beginning of your acting career. You can practice with other actors. When you watch a movie, look at the supporting roles and try to pin down their type.

Ask people who know you to describe you with a few adjectives. That should help. When you start a new acting class, ask classmates who don’t know you well yet to describe how you first come across in a few adjectives. That’s even more useful, because your type is not necessarily who you really are (it’s more how others see you). Read this article on finding your type for more tips.

In terms of “making it”, there’s no way to know, and it depends on your definition of making it. The majority of actors, regardless of their age or type, don’t work regularly. That being said, most actors I know who work hard on their craft and the business of acting get acting jobs from time to time. So making it really depends on what your goals are… Hope this helps.

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