Acting Schools Questions

What do you study in acting school?

by Zach Moody

(White Hall, AR)


What do you study in acting school?


Hi Zach,

In acting school, you’ll study acting techniques of course, then depending on which school you choose, you may study a wide range of other things, including improvisation, movement, voice, speech, dance, stage combat, acting for the camera, Shakespeare and audition technique. The acting techniques you’ll learn will depend on the school. Some schools teach only one technique like Method Acting or the Adler Technique while other acting classes help students build their own acting technique by introducing them to a wide range of acting methods and exercises.

A good acting school will also prepare you for a professional acting career by giving you opportunities to perform on stage in front of a live audience, by offering advice on getting an actor headshot and resume and by offering an industry showcase and workshops with casting directors, agents and other professionals. If you want to study acting, check out this list of things to consider when picking a drama school.

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