Acting Auditions Questions

Training for an audition

by Ebonie Arauz

(Farmville, VA)


If i want to act and I’m 14, but don’t have any clue what I’m doing for instance, I want to be an actor and I’m taking this online acting class, how can i train at home for an upcoming audition and is it possible for me at this age?


If you can, take a real live class. You need to get experience performing in front of others, especially if you want to get ready for auditions. In the meantime, get someone to practice at home with you if you have an audition scene. If you’re working on a monologue, you can do it alone. Just imagine the person you are talking to is standing behind the auditioners. This way, you will look up and project.

Know your lines by heart so you can concentrate on your acting. Make choices. Read the audition scene several times, then put yourself in the shoes of the person casting. Why did they pick this scene? What do they want to see from a young actor in this scene? Usually, there are a few qualities they are looking for for a particular role in addition to acting skills.

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