Los Angeles Acting Schools

The Sanford Meisner Center

Here you can take Los Angeles acting classes in the Meisner technique. This Los Angeles acting school offers an intensive acting program divided into three levels that allows you to digest Sanford Meisner’s method in 15 weeks.

Actors can also choose a 2-year professional acting certificate program or a 4 year master’s program, that include 2 three-hour classes a week. Actors work on Meisner acting exercises, improvisation, scene study, script analysis and characterization. Students in the Master Program also take film and television classes.

Performance opportunities: Second, third and fourth year students all get to perform on stage. Those who complete the fourth year appear in a professional production of a classical play.

Career preparation: This acting school in Los Angeles regularly offers special workshops taught by industry professionals. Students in the Master Program study auditioning and cold reading technique. Some of their LA acting classes are taught by invited guests artists. Students get help marketing themselves and the opportunity to work on short films for their actor reels.

What you’ll need to apply: An interview. Acceptance into the second year of the certificate program is by invitation only.


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