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Temple University – Undergraduate Program

The theatre program at Temple University has been rated one of the top 25 programs in the country. This is one of the acting schools in Philadelphia that allows students to either focus on Acting or Musical Theater depending on the acting career they want.

Classes include acting, voice, speech, and movement. Actors also study dialects, stage combat and acting for the camera while musical theater actors take sight-singing classes, dance classes (musical theater, ballet, tap, jazz), as well as a wide range of musical theater and cabaret classes.

Electives include an introduction to directing and writing lyrics.

Students also take courses in design, theater production, theater history and literature, among other liberal arts requirements. There is the possibility of studying abroad.

Performance opportunities: The theater department has 2 theaters, a costume shop and a recording studio. The thesis project for students who focus on acting is a leading role in a one-act play. Musical theater students appear in 2 musicals or cabaret acts each year (one is a mainstage production).

Career preparation: Many faculty members are working professionals. Students get backstage experience and take a class to prepare them to enter the profession of acting or musical theater. They can also take an internship for credit. Actors can receive stage combat certification. As part of their thesis, musical theater students participate in an auditioning and performing workshop to prepare them for the marketplace. They also attend workshops with musical theatre professionals.

Degree: BA in Theater.

Financial Aid: Scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs are available. There are also special scholarships for studying abroad. Students can also apply for an internship award.

What you’ll need to apply: Transcripts, test scores and a personal statement, plus an English and Math placement test. An audition is required for musical theater students, those who want to take advanced acting classes and to apply to some scholarships.


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