Child Acting

Talent Agencies for Babies

by turner

(apple valley,ca)


I wanted to know where I can find talent agencies for babies I really want my child to be an actor.


You can get Backstage’s Call Sheet to get an alphabetical listing of all agents in the country. Select only the acting agencies that represent babies (or mention 0-99 as their age range) and submit pictures to them, making sure you submit to the kids department of the print department. This can cost money, though, and babies change so quickly…

A free option is Actors Access. You can establish a profile for your baby and submit only when you see an agency specifically looking for infants or kids age 0 and up (a single submission is $2).

Actors Access also gives you the opportunity to submit to castings based on where you live. There are not many for babies, though, as most of the work for babies is in print.

Keep in mind that in order to work, your baby will need a working permit, and some casting directors require it prior to submitting, as it can take a few weeks to obtain without a rush.

Hope you find this helpful.

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