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School for Stand Up

School for Stand Up

At School for Stand Up, Letterman regular and sitcom writer/producer Jonathan Leigh Solomon, offers you a unique class, Stand Up Comedy for the Actor.

Why this unique class?

Because stand up comedy, though a distinctly different discipline/art from the work of an actor, involves many elements that can be invaluable for an acting career, including:

– Maximizing casting prospects by focusing the actor’s comic personae.

– Constructing a stand up comedy “set” to expand options for showcasing.

– Taking control of the “tell us about yourself” moment at auditions, and more.

And, the big picture: Learning stand up skills gives the actor a fresh way to view all the dynamics of an actor’s preparation, whether for theater, film or television work.

Performance Opportunities:

The class concludes with an industry showcase at Hollywood’s World Famous Comedy Store.

Tuition Fee:

$365 for a once-a-week, eight week class.

Financial Aid:

For every class, there is a teacher’s assistant, who is given free tuition.

What Students Need to Apply:

Enthusiasm! Previous study of theater and audition technique is a plus.

Acceptance Rate: 95 %.


“I was a veteran actor and broadcast journalist, who still had apprehension about being told to make people laugh on cue. That is, until I took Jonathan’s class.” – Dr. Leigh Davis, television personality.

“I’ve known Jonathan as a great stand-up and as prolific writer for TV and he has always stood out as being not just funny, but smart, thought-provoking and insightful. I resent him for all of it.” – Paul Reiser, Star of “Mad About You”.


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