Acting Auditions Questions

Response from casting director

by christy



I auditioned for a feature film last week on Friday. If I do not get the part, does the casting agent contact me with the news, or do I only hear from her if I got the part?


As frustrating as it can be, actors usually don’t hear back from casting unless they have a callback or booked the role. Casting directors just have too much on their plates. Not hearing back doesn’t mean that you didn’t do well at the audition, though. That’s the frustrating part of the audition process. You often don’t know the reason for not getting called back. It could be that you were not right for the part, that they managed to get a name actor they wanted, that the project fell through altogether, etc. Of course, sometimes you can tell at the audition. But sometimes not. And sometimes your agent can call and find out for you if they have a good relationship with that casting director.

Anyway, it can take longer than a week, so you could still get a call. Good luck!

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