Acting Study Questions

Methods and exercises for the performing Voice

by Simon



I found your site, and wow,very informative and it helps me a lot… But before I buy books about how to act,I’d like to know if there are exercises on the website about declamation,diction,etc… and if it’s not the case, dou you have book to recommand me? Have a good day.Simon.


Follow the link below for some answers to questions previously asked about training as an actor.

Acting Study Questions

On that page, you’ll find an exercise for voice placement and relaxing your voice, as well as some information on how to work on a Standard American Accent, if you need it. You’ll also see a book I like for diction, Speak With Distinction (Textbook and CD)

You may also want to explore the following link…

Theatre Acting

It talks about voice production on stage and the Linklater Technique. You can read more in Freeing the Natural Voice: Imagery and Art in the Practice of Voice and Language.

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