Acting Schools Questions

Method and Meisner Acting Schools in Florida

by Ruben Fonseca

(Miami, FL)


I live in Miami FL, and I really want to study Method acting and Meisner’s method but I heard you can only learn those methods in NY and in LA. Is there any good schools that teach that down here in Florida? In NY I know they have actors studio and other great schools, but do they offer any of that type of training down here?


You don’t need to move to New York or Los Angeles to learn either of these acting techniques. Method acting and Meisner are the two major acting methods taught in America and you’ll find that most acting schools around the country teach at least one of these methods, if not both. Actually, if you want to study both methods, you’re better off not going to a school like the Actors Studio or the Neighborhood Playhouse that will teach one method exclusively.

If you want to get an acting degree from a college, contact Florida International University in Miami, the University of Miami and Barry University. Ask them exactly what methods are taught in the acting classes they offer to BFA students. A lot of the time, acting classes are inspired by these well-known acting methods even if they are not specifically labeled as “a method acting class” or “a Meisner acting class”, so ask for details.

Art’s Sake Studio in Winter Park offers acting classes based on the Meisner technique, for example.

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