Common Acting Questions

Making my Own Films to Start my Acting Career

by Jonathan



If I were to get together with a few of my acting friends, and we were to write, direct, act, and promote our own short films and put them on youtube,and other websites, would these videos be okay to put on an acting resume. Then when I send my resume into acting agencies, along with a headshot, would agencies take this as real acting experience and decide to represent me as an actor?


That’s a great question. It really depends on the quality of your short film. If you just get a few friends and a consumer camcorder without a good script or any preparation, chances are you won’t have a very good film. You can write it on your resume, but be ready to answer an agent’s questions like who directed the film and where did it air or what festival did it go to (YouTube doesn’t really count unless it becomes hugely popular).

That doesn’t mean making a movie to promote your acting career is a bad idea. If you take the time to write a good script or find a writer, cast fellow actors and get a small crew together, you could have a short film of quality that enters film festivals. If you feel you’re just not being given a break, it’s a great thing to become proactive about your career and if you make a good film, you can put it on your resume and get an acting agency to notice. Just take the time to do it right. You may find that you really love wearing a director’s hat. Good luck!

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