Los Angeles Acting Schools

Los Angeles Acting Schoo l (LAACT)

Los Angeles Acting Schoo l (LAACT)

by JD.Coburn

(Los Angeles, CA.)

Photo Curtesy of LAACT (TM)

This acting school in Hollywood offers 3-hour long evening acting classes taught by a veteran of stage and screen with 50 years experience acting and 35 years experience teaching.

LAACT offers a progressive program of training in the fundamentals (listening, taking personally what you see and hear, permitting your instinctual responses, using your imagination to make a scene personally meaningful, cultivating your depth and range of emotion).

The script analysis portion of the program teaches the student actor how to extract the acting from the text.

The Los Angeles Acting School teaches an improvisational approach that allows actors to find their own personal artistic interpretation of the role. This acting school also trains actors to be on time and prepared to do serious work in order to succeed as professionals.

What you’ll need to apply: You need to audit a free class and be prepared to work on a scene at that time.

Los Angeles Acting School (LAACT)

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