Los Angeles Kids Acting Classes

Los Angeles Acting Classes at Talent to Go

Talent to Go provides actors of all ages with the opportunity to hone and improve their audition skills by performing well directed scenes for top casting offices while receiving valuable feedback. Commercial On Camera Classes for all ages are also available, as well as improvisation classes and on-camera intensives.


TTG members perform well rehearsed scenes with a partner

TTG promises: No cold reading–No monologues

TTG is efficient and maximizes everyone’s time. Only one hour!

TTG is more private than a class, actors can talk with the casting educator for honest & personal feedback, which is invaluable.

Career Preparation: We work on the business of acting as well as audition technique.

TTG provides a simulation of a real office setting in order to demystify the audition process and allow actors to do their best work.

TTG provides the actors with a written evaluation containing all feedback and notes given by the casting directors.

TTG members learn to employ the latest marketing techniques.

TTG addresses the business of acting, office etiquette, advice on representation, and more … adapted for each individual’s needs!

TTG gives actors the opportunity to review the effectiveness of their headshots, resumes, and other marketing tools.

TTG consultants work closely with actors guiding them along the way.

TTG teaches how to develop important business relationships.

TTG helps actors stay on top of the trends in the business and share information.

Tuition Fee: Varies.

Financial Aid: Intern opportunities

What Students Need to Apply: Auditions are required for Casting Director workshops only.

Acceptance Rate: Depends on experience.

Reviews and Testimonials:

“Voted Best Showcase in L.A.”

“In my experience as a manager specializing in child-talent, I have found that most kids have a better shot at getting an Agent by showcasing rather than the traditional, one-on-one, Agent interview approach. Talent to Go Agent Fest has provided opportunities for many of my clients over the years to secure Agency representation with a 100% success ratio. How can this be you ask? Simple. Pat and Judy really care! They make sure every scene selected per child captures the very essence of what makes them unique and special and allows them to shine. As a direct result of these Agent opportunities, my clients have booked national commercials, television and film roles!”
Linda Henrie, manager

“So many good things and opportunities have happened to us since we took your class and joined Talent-To-Go! Judy and Pat… You are awesome…This is the best money we have ever spent on our acting careers…REALLY!””
Deb & Mike, actors

“I just wanted to let you know that I had an audition for the show Nip Tuck today at the Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer casting office. I wanted to thank you ladies and Talent to Go for the confidence and lack of fear I had going in…Because of all the showcases I have done, it literally took the fear off of auditioning, which enabled me to do a great job!”
August Mehari, actor

“Talent to Go gave me lots of practice in an audition situation and taught me simple steps to better deal with that venue. I had instant confidence and got 3 callbacks at the next three auditions.”
Scott Nery, actor

“I am so impressed with Talent to Go. There is nothing like it. The sessions are private and sophisticated – like a general with the casting director! Pat & Judy are incredibly supportive and organized. I am proud to be a part of such an exclusive group. They only pick the top actors, so you can be confidant you are being shown in the best light.”
Sue Goodman, Broadway actress

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