New York Acting Schools

Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute

This is the acting school in New York to go to if you are particularly interested in studying The Method developed by Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio. Matt Dillon, James Spader and Uma Thurman are among the alumni, to name a few.

The Institute offers a 2-year certificate program (16 hours a week) and a 36-week full-time program (16 hours a week).

Each student is required to take at least 2 4-hour acting classes consisting of sense memory exercises, emotional memory exercises and scene work.

Elective classes include Acting for Film and TV, Movement, Dance, Vocal Production, Accent Reduction, Dialects, Voice, Stage Combat, Tai Chi, Character Work and Dramatic Writing.

This acting school in New York welcomes beginners and professionals alike and is not to be confused with the Actors Studio, a workshop for professional actors only, where Lee Strasberg worked with legendary actors like Paul Newman and Marilyn Monroe.

Performance opportunities: The school houses a black box theater and 2-year certificate students participate in a performance technique showcase.

Career preparation: The school offers Filmmaking classes and Director/Actor labs, as well as a Business of Acting class.

Degree: Students who complete the certificate program will have around 60 transferable credits, although the number of credits successfully transferred will vary from one acting college to another. Students in the 36-week program can later sign up for the 2-year program.

What you’ll need to apply: Essay describing your goals, a headshot and resume (or a regular picture with description of work experience and training, 2 letters of recommendation, and an interview (no audition is required). International students must study a minimum of 22 hours per week (tuition fee increases accordingly) and provide the school with additional paperwork.


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