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I am a senior in more ways than one

QUESTION: I have the opposite situation that the 21 year old did. I was acting when I first graduated high school. I was discouraged — even sabotaged– by my family. I always said that I would do it ‘later”. Long story short, I never did (although I did join AFTRA decades ago: I gave that up too). I have returned to college to study something in I don’t really like, just to get a job. I will have a bachelor’s degree when I turn 60 next year. I am in my senior year and being supported by financial aid: this year I took the loans. I have no job. I have no family. I live in a motel because I lost my apartment when I lost my last job. My courses are on line. I now have some support money and some availability. I plan to take an acting class at the theater that I used to volunteer at. It is a block away (I chose the location of the motel, because I was close to certain things. I am hoping to get passed the depression and learn enough to try some auditions. I was an extra in a movie once. Maybe I could get a tiny line in something. My courses are all on line. I even thought about auditioning at Disney. Am I being foolish?


I think it’s a great idea to take a theatre class. If anything, it will help you give an expression to all the emotions you are feeling. Art, and performing arts in particular, can be very helpful when you’re feeling down, plus if acting has always been your dream and you regret not having pursued it before, taking action will empower you and help you start thinking more positive thoughts.

Your classes are all online so acting classes and auditions won’t come in the way of your studies.

If you want to audition, follow the steps on the Become an Actor page – get headshots and sign up for legitimate audition websites (Actors Access, Backstage – The Actor’s Resource and Casting Networks – but check if they also have castings for Florida first). If you’re non-union, you may find that there are a lot of small projects (like student films, independent films and off-Broadway theater) you can audition for as a senior and not that much competition. My advice is to enjoy the process and not worry about making it. Just think of it as a present to yourself. You’re following your dreams and there’s nothing foolish about that. It’s actually inspiring to everyone, no matter what their age. Good luck!

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