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How to get an agent??


I’m new to the whole acting biz and I was wondering how you get an agent??? I haven’t had any acting experience but I’m taking a class…… how could i get an agent?


Sign up for a good industry showcase (a scene night where acting agents, managers and other industry professionals come watch actors perform). Many acting schools offer talent showcases. Ask how many legit talent agents have attended the showcases in the past. After the showcase, get a list of who attended and follow up with an actor postcard.

You can also get a list of agents and managers and mail your headshot and resume, along with a cover letter, to those you think are right for you. This is more effective if you are a unique type and have a great headshot.

To learn more about how to get representation, visit our acting agents page. If you can’t get an agent right away, you can start with an acting manager. Either way, when you’re starting out, don’t worry if you don’t get an agent right away. You can start filling your acting resume with small acting roles even if you don’t have representation yet.

Good luck!

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