Acting Tryout Questions

Getting a Part without a Callback Audition


What if you did not get on the call back list? could you still get a part that is small?


Sometimes you will get a part without a callback. It really depends on the project. Sometimes, when you audition for the decision makers (the director, producer, etc.) and they know they want you, they may just cast you right away. If they think you’re better for a smaller role, they may also offer you that role without a callback if they know you can do it.

Of course, sometimes, if you don’t get a callback, you just didn’t get the role. But remember there’s a hundred different reasons for not getting a role. Some theaters have required auditions but already know who they want to hire. For bigger roles in television, it often happens that a good actor doesn’t get the part because a recognizable actor has stepped in. As movie stars started doing more television, this happens more frequently. So just keep in mind the important thing is to get another call from that same casting office. If they call you again for something else, that means they liked your work and you will eventually land a good role.

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