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What does it mean when the casting director sends feedback


What does it mean when the casting director sends feedback to your agent and they say the following:

“This girl is so stunning.However,she comes off like a stiff ballet dancer. She over articulates so it comes across like she is in a serious play.
Her body is so stiff that it feels like she is frozen. She needs to loosen up the dialogue and her body language. She should take a hip hop or jazz class.”

Is this positive, negative or both?



It’s always good to get feedback, so it’s a positive thing you know why you didn’t get a callback and what to do about it. It sounds like you need to relax in the audition room. You probably know if you were stiff because of stage fright or because of your training and if a hip hop or jazz class would help. Was this a film audition? If so, for most parts, the actor is expected to be very natural and in the moment, more so than for stage, and being relaxed is important for stage roles too. So yes, some of the feedback is negative but they did find you stunning and wouldn’t have taken the time to provide feedback if they didn’t think you can do well next time when you work on making some changes. Talk to your agent and acting teacher and see what they think too.

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