Common Acting Questions

Do I Look Actor Worthy?

by Christian

(San Antonio)


Hello. I was curious to know if I look like an actor. Do I have a different face from others? Do I look like a model? Do I look like I deserve a shot…


There is no such thing as “looking like an actor”. If you think of all the actors you see on screen, it takes all types and looks of people to cast films and TV shows. So don’t worry about looking like an actor. Casting directors always say they look for people “who look real” (i.e. who DON’T look like actors!)

You also don’t have to be gorgeous to be an actor. It’s actually easier to start an acting career as an actor if you’re not the “leading man” type because there are more roles available (the bad guy, the best friend, etc.) and less competition. Those roles can be very interesting and you can still book the leading roles later on as your career grows.

Of course, if your main goal is to be a model, it’s a little different (among other things, you need to be in very good shape), but as far as acting is concerned, there is no such thing as looking “actor worthy”, so go for it!

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