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Carter Thor Studios East

Carter Thor Studios East is an acting studio with locations in New York, Boston, Montreal and Toronto and international workshops held in London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Bangelore. The studio has been home to such actors as Emmy Award Winners Brittany Allen and Gary Henoch, Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, David Arquette, Drew Carey, Tom Welling and many more.

Utilizing scene study (with emphasis on film and television) as their teaching basis, Carter Thor Studios East guides each actor on their individual journey to becoming an extraordinary storyteller. The classes are ongoing, like a gym, and remain intense and intimate to never betray that purpose.

The Ongoing Weekly Scene Study class in New York happens every Monday night at 6 pm beginning in January.

Being a member of the studio, you have the opportunity for discounted workshops happening at Carter Thor Studios East such as the Audition Workshop, Linklater Voice Intensive and Stunt Workshops, all to help you along your journey as an actor. As well, you can audit any of our studios and workshops around the world including our sister studio in Los Angeles.

Career preparation: Carter Thor Studios East highly motivates students to create their own movies, webisodes, pilots, and plays. With classes held all around the world and students ranging from cinematographers to screenwriters to actors to key grips, the studio is a big resource for contact and networking. CTSE encourages their students to think globally, not just locally, and encourages them to work with actors from the other cities.

Tuition Fee: $325 per 4 Classes a month.

What you’ll need to apply: Headshot and Resume sent to New York Manager. No audition required for the class.

Acceptance Rate: The class is open to all levels, there is no beginner, intermediate or advanced. The philosophy behind it is that on a movie set, there will be actors who have worked for many years, some who have never been
on a professional set, and some who are big stars, so you have to learn to work
with everyone.


Jock encourages us to aim high – to attain an intuitive mastery of the art of acting that makes the actor’s performance absolutely compelling to watch.” – Albert M. Chan (30 Rock, Law & Order SVU, Ghost of Girlfriends Past)

“You have a coach/person (Jock MacDonald) who WILL help you find who you are and can be as an actor, will challenge you to your personal limits (or what you think are your limits… but we have none!) and fully envelope you in the class to be able to find those energies each week and share your journey and be in that moment week in and week out!!!” – Kevin McCormick, Actor

Jock is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had. He will push you out of your comfort zone in every scene you do which is so important in advancing your skills as an actor and any other profession you go into. He will test your patience and make you want to run out of the classroom screaming while tearing out your hair. But the only way someone can learn is by failing over and over again, which I have done SEVERAL times!” – Lee Simonds, Actor


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