Acting Questions

Beginning Acting as an older adult

by Harry

(Atlanta, Georgia)


I am a 65 year old male. Probably like others I did acting in my teens but then got caught up with career and family. Is it too late to try to pursue acting at this stage of my life? Would the best way be to find acting classes? Any other tips if you don’t think this is just crazy.


Browse through the questions on the site and you’ll see that you’re not the only one wondering about starting an acting career later on in life. Of course it’s not too late! It’s wonderful you finally have the time to do what you want. It’s unlikely you’ll make significant money or “get famous”, but who cares? That’s not what is important. Actually, it’s really nice when you can study acting for the love of it, focus on the roles you want, the art itself. Depending on how much time and money you want to invest, you could take one class or even go to a full-time acting program. There is some great scenes and monologues for older actors to explore.

Also look for community theatres in your area that may be holding auditions in the future. When you feel ready, get a headshot and sign up for Backstage – The Actor’s Resource and Actors Access and submit to roles that are right for your type and age (and you’re interested in). You could get work in student films and non-union shows and go from there. You could also put a small theatre group together if that’s what you’re interested in. Enjoy!

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