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Becoming an actor approaching 40 as a U.S citizen who wants to work/live in Europe

by Peter

(New York City, NY)


Hello, I am a soon to be 38 year old male living in NYC who has dreamed of being a screenwriter/actor/singer/producer. I want to work in the U.S and Europe but mainly in Europe but the reality is I am unsure if any of this is even possible and if it is how to begin? I have thought about quitting my low paying admin support job to attend for school for either acting, or film making or producing in the U.K but have not been able to find a program that contains all three.

Am I crazy for wanting a dream this extreme and crazy this late in life or is there some level of possibility of making this happen and if so I beg of you to instruct me on what strategy I should take to live the life I have always wanted?


There’s no age limit to be an artist or work in the entertainment industry, of course. You may want to read this question from another reader. Any of these careers take time to build, though, and have a learning curve, so you may want to experiment with short term classes until you find what you want to do most first. Also, make sure you have a plan to pay the bills while you study and beyond. There are no guarantees of making a living in any of these careers. I don’t know of any schools in England that teach all three skills at once, but I’m posting your question in case anybody else knows. Good luck!

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