Acting Questions

Am I Gonna Make It ?

by João Vitor



I´m 16 and my dream is to become an American movie actor.But is that possible ? I mean is it true that directors are probably gonna give a different look at my resume as soon as he sees my nationality ?
This is really important for me,I feel there´s nothing else i really wanna do and maybe one day if everything goes as it´s planned I´ll be acting in L.A. 🙂


You don’t write your nationality on your resume. What directors are interested in is your type. The best way to communicate your type is through your headshot. If you have a type that you see in a lot in movies, then chances are that with proper training and preparation, you’ll get a fair amount of auditions when you’re ready to work professionally. If you don’t see your type very often, there may be fewer opportunities to audition for a role, although when the right role comes along, you will be more right for it than 99% of other actors.

Two things can help: on the one hand, define your type and market yourself with that in mind, getting the right acting pictures, monologues, etc. On the other hand, work on expanding your range so you can audition for more roles by getting different credits on your resume and taking an accent elimination class. You should be able to do a Standard American accent and switch back to a Brazilian accent when you need it.

Good luck!

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