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Acting Tips to Become a Voice Actress for Animation


How do I become a voice actress for computer animation movies and TV shows like Star Wars the Clone Wars?


To get started, read our section on voice overs. It goes over the skills you need to audition for animation voice over jobs, as well as how to get voice over auditions. We talk about learning lip-synching, getting an agent, putting an animation demo together, etc.

The voice over artists featured on some of the videos work a lot in animation, so make sure to also read this exclusive interview with them for the Acting School Monthly Newsletter.

One great tip they share about video games that also applies to animation in general is that immersing yourself in it really helps. So in addition to all the things mentioned above, if you want to become a voice actress for animation, you need to watch a lot of animation! That’s probably to best way to start learning, by watching what other voice artists have done. It also really helps on auditions if you know the shows and characters you’re auditioning for.

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