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Acting Tip for Special Skills on Resume


I was looking through your section about filling a resume and it was very helpful except for one thing. What if I don’t have any special skills?


If you really believe you have no special skills, you don’t have to have a special skills section on your acting resume. As long as you have your acting experience and training listed, your resume will look professional.

Special skills are an opportunity to add a little personality to your resume, though, and almost everyone has some special skill, whether it’s a sport you play well or an accent you do well.
If you haven’t already done so, click¬†here¬†and scroll down the page to see a list of ideas of what can be considered special skills on an acting resume.

If you truly have a special skill like motorcycle stunt driver, or licensed airplane pilot, then this area may apply. I’m not sure how helpful the special skills section is to your resume. If you’re writing skills like basketball or swimming it may be best just to leave off this section altogether. In the end, will this section help you get work as an actor? Sometimes the credits on your resume and your picture are more than enough to get you called in. Good luck!

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