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Hi, I had visited this site for a while and still get confuse with it lol.

Anyways, just like the people’s questions starts, “I want to become in actor.” But in my case, I don’t know if I should or not. I have wanted to become an actor but I have never done anything about it til May of this year. When someone asked here that she wants to be an actress being in the mid 30’s, the reply to that was that it might be a bit to hard for someone at that age to become an actor/actress. I think I fall in this category.

I used to get lots of encouragements from family that I should become an actor but realized as I grew older, they are just saying that because they are family. I regret it now, since I’m barely trying to do something about it now and when I had a great chance before, I didn’t even start anything. I get encourages and then discourages. Encourages that anything is possible and there are lots of people who are actors/actresses older than 30 that still act. Like an actor name Jonah Hill who was 21 when he started his career (I got a little confident for a bit because it was 3 years difference) but then that means he probably started learning acting in his late 10’s or something. Discourages because I’m 25 years old and barely starting to even know what to do or where to go and the fact that it takes YEARS (not really yelling, just trying to get that word to the attention and since I don’t know how to underline…lol) to get a degree, + the struggle and time to actually get a role. I’m going to be older by then (like the person I mentioned above). And + the fact that this is a less than a 50/50 chance… maybe like a 1 in a million, so its a non-guaranteed it will pull through even with a degree and experiences (like I read somewhere here in this site). I don’t think I should try it, right? I feel like I might be wasting my time.

I mean I know I can try but I feel like its not recommended for me anymore because I let like 9 years fly by for no reason at all….I regret it now. Dang it.

BTW: if it helps in some ways, I was thinking to be in those serious comedies, comedies, action, serious movies



You’ll never know the answer to these questions if you don’t try. If you regret not having started 9 years ago, chances are you’ll regret not acting now. Acting doesn’t have to be a career for everyone. It can be a hobby, or something you try out. Yes, it’s true that it’s harder to make it when you start later, but not always. My experience is that the toughest competition is for actors in their twenties. I know actors who are getting much more auditions in their forties than they did younger. It all depends on your type, look, training and attitude. You don’t need to “make it” to act. You can just take it one day at a time and enjoy the process. This is just my point of view. I hope other actors and visitors will share their comments too. Good luck!

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