Online Acting Classes and Workshops

Looking for online acting classes? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve got so many e-mails from actors who wanted to sign up for our online acting school that we finally decided to offer what you’ve been asking for:

  • Online access to classes for those who don’t have an acting school near where they live.
  • An acting class for beginners who want to get their first taste of acting.
  • Access to Los Angeles casting director workshops and LA agent intensives from the comfort of your home.
  • Live feedback on your headshots and resume through unique acting business webinars.

Now you don’t need to live in New York or Los Angeles to learn from the top professionals in the industry. You don’t even need to leave your house.

Just read about our online acting classes below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll let you know as soon as the next class of your choice is scheduled so you can sign up. Please note this does not secure a spot in any class. Filling out the form allows you to be notified when a class becomes available.

List of classes from our online acting school

EXCLUSIVE! “A Taste of Hollywood” WebinarAn exclusive online seminar with former Hollywood actress
Suzanna Leigh.

Goddaughter to actress Vivien Leigh, the Oscar-winning lead from Gone With the Wind, Suzanna Leigh had her own TV show at age 16, signed with a major Hollywood studio at age 18 and went on to work with legends like Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis and Elvis Presley. In this 2-hour webinar, Ms. Leigh shares her stories and secrets of the screen with aspiring actors. The lecture wraps up with a Q&A where the audience gets a chance to ask questions about acting and the Hollywood studio system.

Online Acting Class for Beginners

This online acting class is especially designed for those who have never taken an acting class or have only taken a few acting classes. Classes are small (a maximum of 8 students) so there is ample time for everyone to work. Each student performs a monologue and receives acting notes on how to improve both their acting and monologue. You learn not only from your work but by watching the work of other beginning actors.

Online Commercial Acting Class

A special online class for those who want to break into commercials. Actors go over improvisation techniques, how to deliver commercial copy and commercial audition techniques. The class also covers commercial headshots and other aspects of the business of acting in commercials. Commercial copy is provided and your performance is recorded so you can review your work. Taught by an experienced commercial actor who has appeared in over 25 commercials.

LA Casting Director Webinar

Learn how things really work in Hollywood from a Los Angeles Film and Television Casting Director. Every webinar includes information on the casting process, a Q&A with the casting director and a brief critique of your headshot.

Mock Agent Interview

This unique online acting class allows you to get ready for agent interviews by practicing with a real Los Angeles agent. Each participant performs a monologue or cold reading and receives notes on their acting, headshot and resume. The class begins with a presentation on what an agent does and looks for in a client.

Acting Biz Master Class

Out of our online acting classes, this one is all about the Biz! This intensive covers everything from how to get good headshots to how to land your first acting roles and make opportunities for yourself. Each participant receives a free download link to bonus articles and quick reference audition sheets.

Acting in Los Angeles

If you plan on moving to Los Angeles for your acting career, this online course is for you. We’ll cover where to live, how to get around, where to find auditions, Hollywood networking opportunities and more. This is a great introduction to acting in LA, whether you are new to acting or relocating from New York.

Kids Biz Class

A step by step class for parents on how to get their kids started in the business. You’ll learn about agents and managers for children actors, how to get a good kid headshot and resume, how to avoid scams and how to find legitimate auditions for your child. The class also includes information on how to get a work permit and set up an account for child actors.