Facebook for Actors

Want to learn how to use Facebook for actors so you can promote your talent online?

Here’s a step-by-step guide, including help on how to create your Facebook actor fan page and how to use Facebook for actor marketing and actor networking.

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can all be great marketing for actors. This page is meant to give you a starting point on how to use Facebook as a performer.

Let’s get started!

1) Step 1 – Create a Facebook Actor Fan Page

If you’re an actor, you need an audience, which means “fans” in the Facebook world.

Creating your Actor Fan Page is easy. Just go to your home page on Facebook and scroll down. At the bottom right, you’ll see a link called “Create a Page”. Click it. It’s that easy.

Here are the important things to remember when using Facebook for actors…

  • Your Fan page can be viewed by anyone, so keep it professional.
  • Use your best headshot (preferably a commercial smiling shot) for your profile picture
  • Use the about section to highlight your accomplishments, making sure you use the words “actor” or “actress” along with your age range and the area where you audition.

2) Step 2 – Create a Fan Base

Once you have your Facebook actor fan page up and running, it’s time to get fans. You can start by liking and sharing your own page with your friends. This turns Facebook friends into fans when they LIKE your page.

To make sure they don’t forget to click the LIKE button, create a Welcome tab and make it the default page non fans see, then encourage visitors to like you on your Welcome tab.

Don’t stop with your friends. Now you can have fans who know you as an actor rather than personally, which not only builds your image as a performer but also allows you to use “viral marketing” to spread the word about your work and talent.

How do you get fans?

Many different ways. When your friends turned fans share and comment on your wall posts, their friends often can see it on their news feed and can get to know you that way. So one of the most important ways to get more fans is to post to your wall every day. You can post about your career, callbacks and auditions, but also just post interesting things your fans would like and their friends could be intrigued by. It doesn’t have to take much time. Actually, you can use what you already do for your acting career every day.

It helps to use pictures and videos and anything that gets your fans to engage in the conversation.

At first you won’t see much activity from your fans, but as you hit the mark of 500 – 1,000 fans, you should start to see a clear response from your posts which means you can now really use “viral actor marketing” to spread the word about a show you’re in or recent achievement in your acting career.

3) Step 3 – Get Involved on Facebook

Facebook is not just great for marketing for actors. It’s also great for actor networking. To get started, go under “account” in the top right corner of your Facebook actor page and click on “Use Facebook as Page”. Now you can Like, Comment and Post with your Actor Fan Page profile and picture instead of your personal profile.

Search Facebook for groups centered around acting, actors, theater, auditions and castings. When you feel a page is right for you, like it. Also look at what that page likes to get more ideas of Facebook pages to get involved with.

In most cases, you don’t want to post about your page on other fan pages, unless the page clearly encourages it. For most other pages, avoid posting. Just let others discover you by liking good posts and contributing interesting comments.

The easiest way to go about this is to check your Newsfeed. Once you’ve “liked” a bunch of pages, some of their wall posts show up on your Newsfeed, making it easy for you to contribute when a good post comes up and also keeping you up to date on different networking events, castings and other helpful information for actors.

4) Step 4 – Launch your Actor Marketing Campaign

Once your Facebook actor fan page is set up and you start having a good amount of fans, use Facebook to market yourself as a publicist would. Marketing for actors can take many different shapes, but here are a few things to think about:

  • When you post to your wall about big auditions you had, or an important meeting with a director, or an acting job you just landed, turn that piece of news into a story. Make it something so funny, so unique or so interesting that someone who doesn’t know you yet would still like it and share it with others. Try having a unique perspective on an audition, or a funny comment on a meeting, or create a buzz by being mysterious (for example, “who can guess what role I may be playing if I get this callback”). Of course, only share what is no secret (remember, everyone can view your Facebook actor page).
  • Another great way to use Facebook for actors is to get people to come and see you perform. Whether it’s an acting showcase, a stage play or a screening of a movie you acted in, you can spread the word using Facebook very effectively. For example, you can partner up with the producer to offer special promotions and half-price tickets to your fans and others (just make sure you read Facebook’s promotion guidelines first).
  • If you have the budget, another way to spread the word about a show you’re in or to start a buzz about your performance is to use Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories. Facebook allows you to target your ads to reach only people in the city or even the zip code where you’re performing. You can narrow your reach further by selecting only people who like theater or acting. You can even target your ad by workplace, which can be useful if you want to introduce your face to the large acting agencies. Using your headshot in your Ads will help turn you into a “recognizable actor”, at least for industry people you target who may start to feel “like they know you” when they get your picture submission.

Hope these tips help you get ideas on how to use Facebook for actors and how to create a Facebook actor fan page to reach your actor networking and actor marketing goals. Things change quickly on Facebook, so check our Facebook page for updates on using Facebook for actors! You can read more about Twitter and YouTube marketing in this newsletter article.

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