Audition Callbacks 101

How can you make the most out of your audition callbacks? By giving yourself the best chances of turning your acting auditions into acting jobs. Here are some tips on how to nail callback auditions.

Actors who make it past the first round of auditions will get an acting callback…

…or two… or three… or ten! (It happens.)

Here are a few free acting tips and audition tips on how to approach callback auditions:

  • Your audition material and who you read with may be different from the original acting auditions so make sure you ask these questions when you hear about your audition callback.
  • Also find out how long you should expect the callback audition to last. Acting callbacks tend to last much longer then auditions. You may be asked to do an audition scene over and over again with different actors as the director looks for the right chemistry. Depending on the acting audition, a director may also ask you to improvise or you may be screen tested.
  • Try to come as close as possible to what you did in your initial acting audition. Wear the same clothes and do your hair and make-up the same way. You don’t know what got you the callback audition and you don’t want to mess with a good thing. Sometimes actors give a completely different read at the callback to show they have range. Casting directors hate that and will probably not call you back for the next acting job audition. Their reputation depends on an actor’s predictability. A director also needs to know you can replicate a scene he liked.
  • If your audition callback requires you to work on new material, prepare the way you would for any acting audition (you can view audition tips here) but keep in mind what you did in the original audition (there’s obviously something the casting director liked that you don’t want to leave out.)

Hope these audition callback tips help. There’s no way to guarantee you’ll get an acting job from a callback audition, but if you do a good job and act professionally, chances are you’ll get called for the next acting jobs that come along even if you don’t get this one.

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