Acting Videos for Actors

On this page, we’ve gathered a few acting videos we think will be helpful to beginning actors starting an acting career. If that’s you, sit back and relax. Here you can watch actors’ videos on how to get started in the business, how to memorize lines, how to prepare for auditions and more.


Here’s a fun and quick acting video of a very enthusiastic actress in New York City who sums up all the steps an aspiring actor needs to take to start an acting career: find an acting class, get acting pictures and resumes, etc.

Don’t feel overwhelmed! You’ll find plenty of detailed information on this site on how to get started, one step at a time.

The next two actor videos were created by Acting School Stop to give aspiring actors some examples of acting exercises.

What separates good acting from bad acting often comes down to how real an actor can be onstage. Of course, to be real, an actor first has to find ways to believe in the given circumstances of the play or the film he is in.

One way to achieve that is through sensory exercises. Each of the following acting videos gives an example of how an actor can use his 5 senses to recreate in his imagination a real experience.

This first video comes from the work of Stanislavski.

Later, Lee Strasberg took a more systematic approach to these exercises and developed what he called sense memory exercises. The next video is an example of one of the most well-known exercises given to beginning actors studying Method Acting.

Both of these acting videos are very short examples. A beginning actor would spend half an hour to an hour on these exercises. Hopefully, this gives you a good start. And you can visit our acting techniques page if you want more information on the different acting methods and acting exercises out there.

This next acting video has some great tips on how to memorize lines. If that’s something you struggle with in your acting career, check it out.

Everybody is different. Try out all the tips in this video and find out what works best for you! And here’s another tip… Don’t wait till the last minute to learn your lines for an audition. If you learned your dialogue early, you’ll be able to concentrate on your acting instead of struggling with memory problems and having to find your place on the script.

Talking about auditions…

This next one is an acting audition video – a casting director shares her tips on how to prepare for acting auditions: when to arrive and how to behave in the waiting area.

If you want to find out more about acting auditions, click here for step by step actor help on how to find auditions, prepare for casting calls and get a callback!

Actors often ask what an acting reel should look like. This last actor video is an example of an acting reel. This commercial actor reel is 2:30 min long, a perfect length to market yourself to a casting director or agent with a busy schedule.

As you can see, you don’t need to worry too much about continuity in a demo reel. The casting director or agent is interested in your acting, not the plot of the film you were in. In this acting reel, watch how even with commercials, which are usually pretty short, you can use cuts and fades to highlight only the interesting parts that you, the actor, are in.

And you don’t need to spend a fortune to create your acting reel either. For example, this video was made entirely on iMovie!

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