Acting Cover Letter Examples

Here you’ll find acting cover letter examples for submitting to acting agents, talent managers and auditions. Each acting cover letter sample comes with tips and “dos and donts” to help you write your own sample acting cover letters that you can then tweak to fit the talent manager, agent or casting director you are writing to.

Acting Cover Letter Example for Agents and Managers

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  • DO get across who you are in your cover letter. This can be done as an introduction or just achieved by the style in which you write your letter. If you can, also touch on your type and where you see your career going.
  • DO use a bold font to highlight the most important parts of your letter – agents may only scan your acting resume cover letter and you want to make sure they don’t miss what makes you unique.
  • DO try to come across as a proactive actor who is looking for a partnership.


  • DON’T write a long winding letter. Acting agents and managers won’t have the time to read it. This is especially important if you have strong acting credits. The best thing to do is to make your actor resume cover letter brief and let your resume speak for itself.
  • DON’T try to get the agent’s attention by all means. If you’re a beginning actor fresh out of acting school, writing an acting cover letter for agents and managers is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do. Since you don’t have many credits on your resume yet, you need to start your cover letter with a catchy sentence that will grab their attention, yet you still need to come across as professional. To strike the right balance, remember to stay true to yourself and strive to have your acting cover letter reflect your personality.
As a beginning actor, your biggest ally is a great headshot, so don’t cover it up with your actor cover letter. Clip or staple your acting cover letter to your resume and make sure your face is the first thing an agent sees when they pull your submission out of the envelope. Better still, get some clear envelopes specially designed for actors’ headshots to show through the envelope. These envelopes are also great when you submit to auditions.

To help you make the most of these acting cover letter examples, also read the information on this page.

Acting Cover Letter Examples for Acting Auditions

Audition Sample Acting Cover Letter #1

Audition Sample Acting Cover Letter #2

You don’t usually need a cover letter when submitting to auditions. If you decide to add an acting cover letter to your submission, keep it short and to the point. A simple postcard-sized note on cardstock paper stapled to your resume works great. You can also write your acting cover letter lengthwise, on a small piece of paper 2-3 times larger then a bookmark clipped to your resume.

Hope these acting cover letter examples help you write the perfect acting cover letter for agents, talent managers and auditions. Good luck!

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