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I can’t really afford to pay for acting classes. Is that going to affect my chances of becoming a successful actress?


There’s more than one way to learn, and although it’s helpful to study acting, there’s plenty of examples of successful actors who never did and just learned by doing. I was just talking to an actor the other day about how much more he felt he had learned by going on auditions. If you can’t afford classes, just read as much as you can of the free information on this website and then get good headshots and go for it. Eventually, you will learn by doing. Since you don’t have a teacher looking out for “bad acting habits”, you’ll need a little more self-discipline when you prepare for an audition (ie. always come from a place of truth vs. faking).

Also, visit the websites of theater companies in your area. Some may offer free classes. If they don’t, you can call and inquire about internships. As an intern, you can learn by watching and asking questions, and later you may even get a chance to practice with the actors. Hope this helps, good luck!

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