Studying for Movie Acting

by Jaanus


I am currently 15 years old, and I live in very little country in Europe. For last 5 years my dream is to become a successful movie actor in Hollywood.

My current plan is after finishing High School I would go to LA. I've searched a lot about acting schools, but all I've found are for acting in theater. And I got feeling that if I go to school what teaches me about acting in theater is like a waste of time.

What should I do to become a successful actor in Hollywood?


Although there are differences between film acting and theater acting, when training, focus on trying to get into the best school, regardless. It's very hard to break into film acting in LA, so pick a place that has several recent alumni working in the industry you want to work in.

You can also look for a program that will help you get a demo reel while you study (some universities offer an opportunity to work with their film departments) and offers showcases that are well attended by Hollywood professionals (Los Angeles agents and casting directors).

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