How to Start an Acting Career in Hollywood


I'm a 21 year old guy who lives in India. I want to start an acting career abroad . Is it necessary to have acting experience in India and then move abroad or i can directly move to Hollywood and take acting classes somewhere near? Are there any chances for me to get into it?


Finding work in Hollywood is very competitive. If it is easier in India to get cast, getting some experience there first will be helpful, especially if you get film experience you can put on your acting reel (note: if it's not in English, get the scenes subtitled).

If you decide to come to Hollywood, you will have to choose an acting school that qualifies you for a student visa. Some schools also offer a one year training visa to get some experience in the States before going back to India. You can start your search for acting schools here.

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Staying in Hollywood
by: Anonymous

Actually i do not intend to return to India once i take acting classes abroad. i want to work there
itself. make my career in Hollywood . that is my dream. so can u help me out with that.does it require anything from my side??


Acting schools usually only help with a one-year training visa, and not all acting schools. Beyond that, you would have to consult with an immigration lawyer.

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