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I am 19 years old and I've been acting since I was 3 years old, I'm in a play for the sears drama festival, I'm playing the part of a 5 year old, she's a really fun character, but my problem is I have a large chest (D cup) and I want to know if any one has tips on how to make me look flat chested or close to it so I can look the part, the play takes place in modern day (2010......2011)and if any on has any other tips so I can look more like a child they would be appreciated.

thank you

the theater geek


The audience will obviously know you're not 5 years old, so instead of trying to look like a child, maybe it's best to just suggest it in your costume and the way you do your hair (pigtails, for example, with big ribbons). If you really want to hide your chest, maybe you can disguise your shapes behind a fat suit of some sort, but don't bind your chest as it could constrict your breathing (you need to breathe when you act!)

I don't know the play you're in so this may not work, but little girls love to wear princess outfits, so how about getting a Cinderella costume so instead of literally being a child, you are her projection of herself. Could that work?

Anyway, good luck. This sounds fun! Could you add a comment with the name of the play below? I'm always looking for good scenes for kids so I'd love to know what this one is called.

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