Where to Start Acting Studies

by Simon Egede jnr
(Abuja, Nigeria)


Since I was I boy I have dreamt of being an actor,now i am 16 and I want to follow my dreams but i don't know where to start and I don't know much about acting. Please help me.

I want to study acting in university, but my parents are not in support if it. They want me to study law, but I don't want to. So do you think I can study both at the same time?


Yes. You can take acting classes at night and get your law degree at the same time, as long as you can handle the extra work. I don't know how long acting classes are in your country, but here some acting classes are only 2-3 hours once a week, which insn't too big of a time commitment. It's a good way to get started and see if you like it first.

To start learning about acting, see our free online acting lessons.

Good luck!

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