My name is Isaiah and this is my video. Please critic tell me were I look fake, were it looks real, and add any tips or criticism.


Great monologue! You sound natural, connected to the material and in the moment. The first part works better than the second part. It looks like you are forcing the tears, which takes you away from the material. Don't feel you have to reach a certain emotional level. Just stay in the moment. If you need to, actually make the decision to do anything but cry. This will take off the pressure to do so and you can become really invested in what you're saying as you are in the first half. If you, the writer or the director want the piece to be more emotional, you'll get there by exploring your character and the circumstances more and more, not by forcing the emotions. In terms of the monologue as a whole, now that you've got the basics down, start exploring different choices to give more color to the piece. The more you investigate where your character is coming from and where he is going, the more interesting acting moments will start to happen. Also ask yourself what is the reason the writer wrote this monologue, what does it change for your character and for the story as a whole? What drives your character to speak?

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