The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet - Romeo

by Olavius


You do a really nice job with Shakespeare's language, which is not easy, especially if English is your second language. You still need to work on your accent, though, so we can understand the words better.

You obviously have a lot of passion and emotion in this monologue, which is good, but it also creates tension in your acting that actually keeps you from experiencing the words fully. I think voice and breathing exercises would be helpful. It sounds like your voice is in your throat a lot, especially at the beginning of the monologue. Try working on belly breathing. Romeo's love and pain is deep, from the gut.

Another thing you can do in rehearsal is work with another actor, forgetting about all of Romeo's emotion, and just trying to convey the meaning of each line to him. That will help you understand what Romeo is going through on a deeper level and also start to find different colors and beats in the monologue.

Hope this is helpful. Thank you for sharing your work.

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