"Ten Years Have Made Me Another Man"/Astroff by Uncle Vanya

Henry Nwachuku, Actor, performs a monologue about a doctor, Astroff who talks to a nurse regarding his work as a physician, and expresses how he feels concerning the nature and reward of his profession.

Please give me your best constructive criticisms and feedback. Thank you.


Thank you for sharing. Next time, I recommend you place the actor you are talking to behind the camera. It is easier to see your acting if we can see your eyes. When you go on a filmed audition, the reader will usually be next to or behind the camera. Even if they are not, you will need to "cheat" to make sure the camera picks up your eyes, as they are very important in film acting (you never look directly at the camera, of course, but you position yourself in a way the camera can see your face and eyes).

Anyway, you have a very nice quality about you and you care about your character. That's important, because the next step is to really think the words you say. Right now, your delivery is a little monotonous and you seem a self conscious. That's normal. Every new actor feels this way. It will improve with practice.

Now it's time to forget about the camera and put all your focus on really explaining to the nurse how you feel. As an exercise, say the monologue making it your only objective that the nurse really understands everything you're saying. It will help clear up your delivery of the lines and you will start thinking the words more. Your memorization is very good, so you can forget about the lines now and start to concentrate on "making them fresh".

Remember, you (the actor) know what the doctor is about to say but your character doesn't. So you have to think about what you are going to say, "discover the lines". Let yourself be in the moment. Think about the circumstances. What makes you want to speak to this nurse? You can try this other exercise: Don't say a line until you need to say it. Think about the circumstances your character is in and don't speak until you feel an impulse to do so. Don't think about the next line. Just be in the moment.

After you have done these exercises for a while, you can start thinking about things like objective and actions. Start asking yourself: "What does my character want?" "How can he get it?" Then you can break down your monologue into different beats or "actions" (ie. ways to get your objective), but the first step is to be in the moment, so I would work on that as a priority.

Hope this is helpful. Have fun!

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Apr 30, 2013
Great Feedback and Suggestions
by: Henry Nwachuku

Thank you for your great suggestions. I'll work on those. GREAT,GREAT,GREAT.

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