Teen Acting Classes

by Norland
(Hialeah, FL)


I have been wanting to be an actor for years. I am a freshman and I do no want to wait for my graduation to start acting. How can I start acting now?


You're right not to want to wait. First of all, if you take acting classes now, you can decide if you like it and if you should go to acting school when you graduate high school. Second, if your high school has a performance space, it's a good opportunity to start acting in front of live audiences. That's very important because you can learn to act, but the only way to get comfortable on stage is to keep doing it and putting in the hours. So if you've already been in several school plays by the time you graduate, you'll be ahead of the game.

So the first thing you can do is to attend any auditions held at your high school and sign up for the theater club if there is one. Once you've done that, you can look for an acting class for teens. There are plenty of after school and weekend classes that you can take that won't interfere with school hours. You should also look into acting summer camps and spring camps. Browse our listings of acting schools and see which ones have classes for young performers. Another good place to look is theaters in your area. Many theaters offer educational programs with the added bonus that you'll be introduced to professional surroundings, which may help you decide if acting is for you.

This website will soon offer a whole section on teen acting, including listings of teen acting classes, so come back to visit us and sign up for our newsletter or blog to keep up to date with new information on the site.

Good luck!

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